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throughout the year, ic catholic prep hosts various clinics and camps that give your child(ren) the opportunity to explore their interests and passions on the field or court.

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there are currently no scheduled clinics or camps for youth sports. 

go knights!

fall youth sports camps

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date: october 16, 2019
cost: free
audience: parents/guardians and students

date: november 2, 2019
cost: free
audience: students (grade 6-8)

date: november 14, 2019
cost: free
audience: parents/guardians

date: september 28, 2019
cost: $5.00
audience: students (grade 6-8)

open house rsvp

open house provides your family the opportunity to tour our school’s facilities and see the reasons why many families choose ic catholic prep.

audience: parents and students.

this event is free and open to the public.

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